Kelly Ahrens

Youth Restorative Programs Manager


Prior to making my way to Vermont, I was not one to sit still. I was born and raised in Florida, went to school in Ohio, worked at a public access tv station in New Mexico, and then at a defense attorney’s office in Washington DC. I have been in the Restorative Practices field since 2009 and have had the opportunity to work at three Community Justice Centers. My experiences in this work have deepened my understanding of the complex meaning of accountability, how we attend to our collective responsibility to each other, and how the system is not broken but doing exactly as it intended. Therefore there continues to be plenty of work to do! However, I unwind by river swimming, CxC skiing, frying food, fixing things up, rock climbing, and motorcycling. One of the reasons I have planted roots in Chittenden County is that every season offers a wonderful outdoor activity.